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"One of the goals of Health Invest Finland is to improve healthcare through the meaningful use of My+Careâ„¢ health information technology."



Physiological sensor technology


Smart applications on mobile phones


Big data analytics all built on the foundation of real-time medical data

Three technology trends together may solve the problem of delayed identification of deteriorating health.

Investment case

The solution for various problems related to health and well-being, working to prevent human death by minimizing injuries and accidents.


Company invested a comprehensive solution development that monitors efficiently patients’ health and secures optimal usage of resources. And, we take advantage of the best stock apps to conduct our investments and never fail to stay updated on the global financial markets. We also got to know about the types of stock apps and the functions of them.The same resources translate into more patients, availability of better and timely data and better care. Likewise there are also different types of crypto trading apps. To know all about a specially designed software that can trade digital currencies on your behalf consider visiting https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-prime/.

In case of emergency, patients’ location is defined instantly, indoor or outdoor, and immediate assistance provided. Efficient allocation of personnel and resources in general, is key to smart management of health care institutions. With smart management many ambitions are fulfilled. Increased patient and employee satisfaction, optimum personnel scheduling and workload together with up-to-date patient information, increased number of prevented emergencies, accidents and injuries are only some in a long list of values added by My+Care™ new technology for public administrations and providers of health care.

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